Coming soon from JTC: The Ministry of Special Cases

In less than two weeks our friends from the resident company Jewish Collaborative Theatre present their latest work, the Page2Stage adaptation of Nathan Englander's award-winning first novel, The Ministry of Special Cases.

Dealing with the troublesome times of Argentina's Dirty War, JTC's newest production features some outstanding local talent. Check out their brief promo video below, learn more and get your tickets for this intriguing show at JTC's website!

The Ministry of Special Cases will play at Milagro March 14 through April 11. See you at Milagro!

Photo of the Day: Roosevelt & Opción Múltiple

Today, students from two high schools, Riverdale and Roosevelt, were at Milagro for a matinee of Opción Múltiple, the dark comedy in Spanish playing through the end of the month. After the performance, the group from Roosevelt High had the opportunity to share questions and feedback with director Nelda Reyes and her cast. The students' perspective was that much richer since they had the opportunity to read the script and meet the playwright before coming to the show.

Make sure to get tickets and catch the show before it closes Feb. 28, and read below for some thoughts from over two dozen e-mail messages we received from students!

Hello. My name is Sofia and I am one of Ms. Garcia - Velasco's AP Spanish students and I just wanted to say thank you for letting my class and myself to participate in watching the amazing performance of "Opcion Multiple". I laughed, smiled and cried watching this performance and I would watch it a million times more. Reading and watching the play are two completely different things and I'm glad that I got to experience both. Thank you again for giving us the honor of watching your performance and I hope to see it once again soon. Sincerely, Sofia Palavecino

First off, I want to thank you for the warm welcoming and for being so kind and nice with all of us. The whole experience was incredible, and the play was amazing. It was so cool seeing the whole story acted out after reading it. Comparing similar things to the story and finding out new things as well. It was funny, sad, serious; a masterpiece. I really enjoyed going and watching the play and have nothing but good and positive things to say about it.
Thank you, Jayson Garcia-Mireles 

Me gustó mucho la obra que presentaron. Yo la disfruté mucho porque estubo muy interesante y yo puede conectarme con los personajes porque yo creo que  todas las personas a veces cambian de humor o carácter en algún momento.  Muchas gracias por todo.
(Unidentified Student)

The actors were great and easily identified. Each one played the roles how I imagined it... I would recommend for people to go and watch it. The ending had me thinking.
(Michel Gonzalez Ramirez)

After reading the play in class I was really looking forward to watching it, and very nervous of seeing how it would come out. I really had high expectation for this play based on what I had read in class. I felt it was a well written piece and it met the expectations i had. I really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to inviting friends and family to attend Milagro in the future.
(Oscar Garcia Chavez)

Photo of the Day: A different "Sabueso"

Have you taken our personality quiz?

Before each performance of Opción Múltiple, you can take a brief quiz and see which of the characters' personalities matches you the best... and you could win!

Simply post your results and use one of our tags to let us know: #MilagroTheatre, #OpcionMultiple or #ILoveMilagro. We'll enter you for a drawing for an iTunes card. It's that simple! There are only 3 more performances, so make sure to catch the show and enter the drawing!


¿Ya tomó nuestro examen de personalidad?

Antes de cada presentación de Opción Múltiple puede tomar un breve cuestionario y determinar cuál de las personalidades o personajes se le asemeja más... y ¡podría ganar!

Simplemente publique sus resultados y marquelos con una de nuestras etiquetas, #MilagroTheatre, #OpcionMultiple or #ILoveMilagro. Así participará en una rifa para una tarjeta de iTunes. Así de simple. Sólo quedan 3 presentaciones. ¡No se pierda la obra ni la oportunidad de ganar!

Audiences agree: "Opción Múltiple" is a great choice!

The US premiere of "Opción Múltiple" is in the middle of its third weekend and the audiences are very happy with their choice to see it!Check out some of the great comments from audience members, and join us for one of the last 6 performances! 

Fresh and fun Mexican comedy tonight at Milagro--OPCION MULTIPLE about a woman with multiple personalities, all of whom appear as colorful characters in the play. It's light-hearted, fast-paced and colorful with a bevy of fine Spanish-speaking actors. I think that by presenting this play in Spanish, [Milagro] is capturing many cultural nuances and much humor that would be lost otherwise. There are English supertitles to enhance comprehension for non-Spanish speakers. I really enjoyed the opportunity to see a play by a contemporary Mexican playwright under the direction of Mexican-born Director Nelda Reyes.
- Ronni Lacroute

Saw 'Opcion Multiple' last night. It was a funny, provocative, insightful & creative dramatization of a very rare yet disturbing human experience. Great performance shout outs to the cast, Amalia, Vero, Roberto, Vicente, [Nurys] and Yolanda. You are all such talented actors/actresses & a joy to watch! Felicidades a la directora, Nelda. Bravo!
- Linda Castillo

This is a great play. Milagro continues to amaze and delight.
- Lydia Rich‎

My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves once we figured out what was going on! The English subtitles were super helpful! A very engaging show with a terrific cast!
- Martha Wagner

I was deeply moved. The cast is so tight and great that I could not stop watching.
- ‪#‎OpcionMultiple‬‬‬‬‬ audience member

The play was wonderful. We laughed, we smiled, we were a little scared, we laughed some more. All of the personalities were so well developed. My husband and I I enjoyed it immensely.
- Teresa Solano

Después de ver la obra "Opción Múltiple" completamente en español y con subtítulos en inglés. Recomendada! Vayan a verla! En el Teatro Milagro @Miracle Theater
- Roxy De La Torre

Con actores excelentes, tienes que ver la obra.
- Cecilia Giron

Gran obra, excelente actuación y gran dirección (graciasNelda Reyes por tu trabajo)... y como cereza del pastel, los mejores amigos que te puedes encontrar, aquí, allá o acullá...
- Arturo Villaseñor 

Sí, vayan a verla y a reir un rato 
- Yosoy Quiensoy

Super profesional y entretenida. La tienen que ver! Apoyemos el teatro en español y a nuestros artistas locales hispanohablantes! YeyNelda Reyes y Teatro Milagro por traernos esta obra a USA. ‪#‎opciónmúltiple‬‬‬
- Miembro del público

#OpcionMultiple is a wonderful production & the actors are superb. Another amazing play at @MilagroTheatre
- J Bolanos

And a great reminder of the upcoming post-show discussion with mental health experts after this Sunday's performance:

Milagro Theater's "Opción Múltiple" (a play based on the experiences of someone with Dissociative Identity Disorder or ‪#‎DID‬‬‬‬‬) is being run through February 28. Following their matinee production on February 22nd, Athena will be one of the panelists who were invited to answer audience questions about DID. The matinee is @ 2pm and the panel is @ 4pm.
This was a non stigmatizing and playful representation of DID; nicely done, Milagro! 
- Integrative Trauma Treatment Center

What will YOU learn from LAx/IdeAL?

Milagro, from its very early days, has placed great emphasis on the importance of the arts in education. Many of the artists who have partnered with us over the decades also work to promote enrichment in the schools. 

This year, together with the Latino Artists eXchange/ Intercambio de Artistas Latinos, we have organized yet another opportunity to share, learn and be a part of this enrichment process to provide diverse and unique educational opportunities for our region and community. The 4th annual LAx/IdeAL gathering takes place this Saturday, February 21, 2015.

In response to the increase in Latino children in the schools (which now comprise 25% of Oregon 1st-graders), this one-day event will provide professional development, networking and strengthening of creative skills for artists and individuals interested in sharing their crafts and artistry coming generations. Whether exploring how to create curriculum or enriching an established subject, anyone interested in making the arts a larger part of our education will gain greater insight by sharing with this talented group.

During the later part of the workshops, children 6 years and older are invited, for the first time ever, to participate in fun workshops led by teaching artists in the afternoon!

Read on to see the full schedule and the workshops available. All events are free, but registration in advance is requested. Children are only admitted to workshops geared to their age group (2:15-3:15pm). Registration forms are accessible via:, and in Spanish:

Saturday, Feb 21 LAX IdeAL Schedule:

9:30am ~ Café Revolución ~ Café de olla y pan dulce

10:00am – 11:30am ~ Professional Development / Desarollo profesional:


11:30am - 12:30pm ~ Almuerzo / Lunch: Tamale Boy & La Bonita
12:30pm – 2pm ~ Arts workshops for professional artists:
LIVE ETHNIC MUSIC / MÚSICA ÉTNICA VIVA ~ Gerardo Calderon, compositor y músico

2:15-3:15pm ~ Arts workshops for Children and professional artists / Talleres para niños y artistas profesionales:
BAMBOO FLUTE WORKSHOP / TALLER DE FLAUTA DE BAMBÚ ~ Alex Llumiquinga, músico  (Ages 8 - 75+)

CREATING YOUR MURAL / CREANDO TU MURAL, PASO A PASO ~ José Solis, muralista  (Ages 9 - 75+)

MAKING MUSIC WITH YOUR FEET / HACER MÚSICA CON LOS PIES ~ Luciana Proaño, dancer & sculptor (Ages 6 - 75+)

LIVE ETHNIC MUSIC / MÚSICA ÉTNICA VIVA ~ Gerardo Calderon, composer & musician (Ages 6 - 75+)

3:15pm - 4:30pm ~ Recepción: Con Andina & Red Tomato

For more information, please contact Olga Sanchez, or 503-236-7253

Check out the Opción Múltiple "personality" quiz!

The wild and willful characters of Opción Múltiple continue to touch, surprise and delight audiences, and many can't help but relate to Diana, Julia, Petra, Olga and Sabueso... or the gentlemen in their lives!

Find out which of these "Dianas" resembles you in likes and dislikes: fruity drinks or everclear? Is your idea of fun Disneyland, a romantic vacation or a literary stay-cation? Do you dress comfortably, elegantly, or a mixture of both? Explore the complexity that you share with them through the fun quiz available in the lobby before each performance of Opción Múltiple! Share your results on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with our hashtags (#OpcionMultiple, #ILoveMilagro & #MilagroTheatre), and you could win an iTunes card!

See you at Milagro, and good luck!

¡Participe y gane con nuestro cuestionario de Opción Múltiple!

English version to be published later today. 

 Los caprichosos y descabellados personajes de Opción Múltiple continúan emocionando, sorprendiendo y deleitando a miembros del público, y muchos no pueden evitar identificarse con Diana, Julia, Petra, Olga y Sabueso... o los caballeros en sus vidas.

Entérese cuál de las Dianas se asemeja más a usted por sus gustos y disgustos: prefiere bebidas dulces o aguardiente? Su idea de diversión es ¿Disneylandia, unas vacaciones románticas, o quedarse en casa con un buen libro? Su manera de vestir ¿es cómoda, elegante, o una mezcla?

¡Explore las complejidades que comparte con ellas con el divertido cuestionario disponible en nuestro vestíbulo antes de cada presentación de Opción Múltiple! Comparta sus resultados en Facebook, Twitter o Instagram con nuestras hashtags (#OpcionMultiple, #ILoveMilagro & #MilagroTheatre) y podría ganar una tarjeta de iTunes!

Nos vemos en Milagro, ¡y buena suerte!

The ladies of Opción Múltiple: Petra, portrait of a vixen (bilingüe)

PETRA: Like blind passion itself, she is at once desired and feared. She is not ruthless, however, simply attuned to her desires... and hers only. Always impeccably made-up, even to lounge at home, her instincts are as  sharp as her nails and she is ever ready to entrap or capture whomever stands in her way or can make her goals possible, as the case may be. If you want to make life interesting, just try to take control, but beware the consequences: something or someone's going to give!

Sign: Scorpio
Favorite dessert: Apple Strudel

PETRA: Como la pasión desbocada misma, hay que desearla y temerla al mismo tiempo. No es que sea despiadada exactamente; sólo está enfocada en lo que ella quiere... y nada ni nadie más. Siempre impecablemente maquillada, aún para quedarse en casa, sus instintos son tan agudos como sus uñas, y está siempre dispuesta a deshacerse o apoderarse de quienquiera que pueda permitir o prevenir sus metas, dependiendo el caso. Para hacer las cosas interesantes uno puede tratar de ejercer control, pero debe atenerse a las consecuencias: alguien o algo caerá en el proceso.

Signo: Escorpión
Postre favorito: Strudel de manzana

Are you like Petra? Find out with the fun quiz in the Milagro lobby before each performance of Opción Múltiple

 ¿Es usted como Petra? Entérese con nuestro divertido cuestionario en el vestíbulo de Milagro antes de cada presentación de Opción Múltiple.

Julia: a woman with a plan (Bilingüe)

JULIA: If you want something done right, let Julia plan it: it might not work out just how you want it, but at least you'll have a road map and a drill sergeant to lead the march. Armed with the stereotypical weapon of Latina moms, she wields her chancla (slipper or sandal) while doing her best to keep the willful members of her family in line as needed. However, she has her own thoughts and desires, and keeping herself on task is not always possible.

Sign: Libra
Favorite book: 50 Shades of Grey

JULIA: Si quiere algo hecho correctamente, deje que Julia haga el plan: quizás no salga como sea deseado, pero al menos habrá un mapa de como llegar, y una sargento para empujar la marcha. Equipada con el arma típica de la mamá latina, empuña su chancla (pantunfla o sandalia) mientras se esfuerza por mantener en línea a los caprichosos miembros de su familia cuando es necesario.

Signo: Libra
Libro favorito: 50 sombras de Grey.

Are you like Julia? Find out with the fun quiz in the Milagro lobby before each performance of Opción Múltiple

 ¿Es usted como Julia? Entérese con nuestro divertido cuestionario en el vestíbulo de Milagro antes de cada presentación de Opción Múltiple.

A different "Diana": sniffing out Sabueso in Opción Múltiple (bilingüe)

SABUESO: Although far from the brightest bulb in the chandelier, his loyalty and protective nature are never in question, and in fact, reflect the nature of his nickname (sabueso means "hound" in Spanish). That being said, the medal for "Best Guard Dog" is not in the cards for him as long as he keeps those headphones pressed to his head. Music, like his bark, are his form of refuge, and if we dig deeper, we find his tender center that needs as much loving care as the rest of his chattier family.

Sign: Aries
Favorite band: Rata Blanca

SABUESO: Aunque nunca será primero en su clase, su lealtad y naturaleza protectora nunca están en duda, y de hecho son la razón de su apodo. A pesar de eso, la medalla al "Mejor Perro Guardián" no estará en sus cartas mientras siga con los audífonos pegados a la cabeza. La música, como sus ladridos, son su forma de refugio, y si exploramos más profundamente, encontraremos un centro tierno que requiere tanto cariño y atención como el resto de su parlanchina familia.

Signo: Aries
Banda favorita: Rata Blanca

Are you like Sabueso? Find out with the fun quiz in the Milagro lobby before each performance of Opción Múltiple

 ¿Es usted como Sabueso? Entérese con nuestro divertido cuestionario en el vestíbulo de Milagro antes de cada presentación de Opción Múltiple.

Teaching Art in the Schools: workshops for artists

The Latino Artists eXchange / el Intercambio de artistas Latinos calls all artists interested in supporting and improving the influence of Latino art in the state of Oregon, to meet together in participation and the fusion of ideas! 

For 2015, we are interested in exploring how to work with children by offering special workshops for adult artists on the Pedagogy of Teaching Arts in the Schools & Arts Workshops for Children in the afternoon!

Painters, sculptors, musicians, actors, poets, writers, photographers, dancers, etc. ~ If you enjoy motivating, sharing, expressing, teaching, but above all sharing and being part of a community then this is your opportunity, we seek you. Milagro is thrilled to host this free event, opening its doors to create a welcome, open space where artists can find inspiration, a home for expression and a place to share their experiences with other contemporaries on Saturday, February 21st from 9:30am-4:30pm!

The genesis of LAX began in July, 2010, when Milagro invited artistic leaders representing a variety of disciplines to meet and share their advice, networks, and leadership, planting the seed for a collaborative group. This group unanimously agreed on holding a gathering of Latino artists to meet each other and to support the growth of the Latino artistic movement in the Pacific Northwest. Over 80 artists met in February, 2011 and again in June, 2012 for a day of networking, workshops and creative participation!  2015 will be the FOURTH LAX IdeAL!

For more information please contact Olga Sanchez by email or at 503-236-7253 or Jessica Lagunas:

The ladies of Opción Múltiple: Olga, the little girl with a big secret

OLGA: Truly young at heart, she has a flair for the dramatic that is certain to make an impression. A fashionista from a young age, she also enjoys fine foods and watching movies. She may not always understand everything, but  her childhood has given her great wisdom that is belied by her apparent innocence. Even though it may seem she is not so stable, it is impossible to forget she continues to learn from the world (and personalities) around her.

Sign: Virgo
Favorite movie: Must Love Dogs

OLGA: Con un corazón verdaderamente joven, su tendencia por lo dramático nunca falla en hacer una impresión. Una chica "muy fashion" desde temprana edad, también disfruta la cocina fina y las películas. Aunque no siempre comprende todo lo que pasa, su niñez le ha otorgado una sabiduría que se esconde tras su aparente inocencia. Puede parecer inestable, pero es imposible olvidar que continúa aprendiendo del mundo (y las personalidades) a su alrededor.

Signo: Virgo
Película favorita: Se busca pareja

Are you like Olga? Find out with the fun quiz in the Milagro lobby before each performance of Opción Múltiple

 ¿Es usted como Olga? Entérese con nuestro divertido cuestionario en el vestíbulo de Milagro antes de cada presentación de Opción Múltiple.