Posada, Pastorela, Party!

Our celebration of Christmas Latin American-style is just around the corner, coming to El Centro Milagro this Sunday from 1-5pm, and we couldn't be more excited!

One of the most endearing and and traditional aspects of our event is the call-and-response "song at the inn", which gives this holiday party its name: posada is Spanish for "inn", and the song is traditionally performed by the guests on one side of the door or gate, and the hosts on the other, to get the event started. The lyrics are determined by the location of the singer, recreating the biblical story of Mary and Joseph seeking shelter in Bethlehem before the birth of Jesus: the pilgrims want in, the hosts aren't too keen until they realize just who this unusual family is. The gates are open and the celebration can begin!

Another event typical of the season is the performance known as the pastorela, or shepherds' pageant, which is an amusing reenactment of shepherds following the Star of Bethlehem, seeking the newborn Jesus. Hilarity typically ensues as emissaries from (and sometimes including or represented only by) the devil, attempt to divert, distract or deter the faithful's trek.

These elements, along with traditional foods and decorations, make for a very colorful and entertaining event for the whole family. Join us this Sunday Dec. 14 for this joyous community celebration. It's free and for the whole family!

This Friday: a "pretty" delicious way to help Milagro

Our Thanksgiving newsletter could hardly convey how grateful we are for all our patrons and donors, and among the individuals who shine in their energy and efforts for Milagro and the local community is multitalented Joaquin Lopez, a dynamic part of the family-owned restaurant La Bonita, which frequently dedicates the proceeds of a given day to a cause or organization. He was honored with the 2014 Spirit of Milagro award at ¡Viva Milagro!

This Friday December 12, La Bonita Restaurant's 2710 N Killingsworth location will be dedicating its proceeds to Milagro once again. It is a great opportunity to enjoy delicious, authentic Mexican food by one of the best local restaurants, you will be supporting a great organization as well as the philantropic efforts of a local artist, entrepreneur and leader.

If you've been there, you know you're in for a treat, like one of the 16 Best Burritos in America. If you haven't, this is a great opportunity to discover your new favorite place!

Get creative like Milagro!

Over the past three decades, Milagro has brought to Portland not only great World, US and West Coast premieres, but it is also the birthplace of some great original works. Among our better known traditions is the yearly creation of a new Day of the Dead production, always a hit!

Past editions have explored, presented and lampooned everything from the Great Depression to educators, to pre-Hispanic gods and even taking a jab or two at a certain entertainment empire (remember the evil D-Corporation in Corrido Calavera?

The Milagro workers are an undeniably creative bunch, but we're thinking more heads are even better. This year we're giving you the chance to leap into the process from the very start: help us conceive the story or theme for next year's original production!

We have created a short survey to give us your input. Who knows,  your idea might be up on stage next October! Click on over to the survey and let your imagination run wild!

Make sure to like our Facebook page to buy tickets and stay informed about all the upcoming events and special discounts from your home for the best in Latino arts and culture in the Northwest and beyond!

A very special invitation from Lakin Valdez

Our next production is rolling down a different yellow brick road faster than an Arizona tumbleweed, and you too can be part of the journey starting January 8! (Educators, inquire here about the free 1/7 preview.)

Lakin Valdez is the writer and director of Searching for Aztlán, a super-acto that turns Milagro Tour's critical and irreverent focus on an important cultural development along the border as Arizona politicians attempt to bury the cultural and political legacy of Latinos. Valdez, who also wrote and directed last year's Corrido Calavera, is one of a trio of outstanding Latino theatre artsts, born and raised in the midst of El Teatro Campesino, a founding pillar of the Chicano movement nearly 50 years ago. Actos were the easy-to-follow political sketches that educated and encouraged farm workers to organize for better conditions.

Here's Lakin himself, to tell you more about the show and invite you to join us in Searching for Aztlán, playing at Milagro this January 2015 before launching its national tour:


Tickets are available now!

Three roads to Aztlán: the creative team

While we're busy getting ready to put on two great holiday events, Posada Milagro (Dec. 14) and our Santas y Santas holiday dance party (Dec. 20), the Milagro Tour crew are focusing their irreverently artistic talents on an important story about current events and the deeper meaning of the history involved: Searching for Aztlán.

The title itself bears exploration, as it refers simultaneously to something physical, mythical and political. And the tutelary beings of this artistic journey, coming to Milagro Theatre Jan. 8-17, are three creative forces who represent some of the most vibrant and significant players in the history of Chicano theatre, reaching back 50 years to the roots of Chicanismo itself.

Lakin Valdez conducting rehearsals
for Corrido Calavera
Writing the script and directing the actors will be Lakin Valdez, whose previous collaboration with Milagro resulted in the raucous 2013 Día de los Muertos show, Corrido Calavera. In addition to a talented and critically-acclaimed theatre artist, Lakin has a direct connection to the earliest day of the Chicano movement as the son of the multifaceted artist, Luis Valdez. The elder Valdez was an integral part of Cesar Chavez's organizing efforts in 1965 at the height of the Delano farm workers' strike by presenting itinerant "actos" or skits to educate and unify. A bastion of Latino theatre in the US, his company is now known as El Teatro Campesino and has been recognized both for its legacy and for its artistic excellence. It is in this political and cultural cradle that Lakin Valdez was nurtured before becoming known as a director, writer, and performing artist in his own right, receiving two NPN Creation Fund Awards, a Zellerbach Award and NEA Access to Excellence Award for his generative work.

Alida Holguín Wilson Gunn (R),
with Ajai Terrazas-Tripathi in Cuéntame Coyote
Starring in the lead role of Dolores, an Arizona teacher facing the state's controversial changes, will be Alida Holguín Wilson Gunn, who joined Milagro as Associate Artistic Director, to work with the touring productions only a year ago. Distinguished as a performer, the local paper Willamette Week said in its review of Cuéntame Coyote that she "has a passion that is mesmerizing," and in 2006 she was nominated for the Best Actress Mac Award by the Arizona Daily Star. Gunn joined Milagro after more than a decade of working with another beacon of cultural expression and understanding: Borderlands Theater. Eventually becoming Director of Education and Outreach Programs, she describes some of her contributions as helping to "share realities", bridging gaps in Borderlands' generational segments, reaching their rural constituency and creating youth programming. 

Founding Director Dañel Malán (L),
with Tricia Castañeda-Gonzales from Frida: Un retablo
As the brains (and for many years, brawn) of Milagro's educational and touring efforts, Founding Director Director Dañel Malán is responsible for bringing the creative team together, something she has been doing since the earliest days of Milagro, with its first touring production, Perez y Martina in 1989. Malán's career reveals a dedication to keeping alive the spirit of those "actos" performed on a truck bed for an audience who, nearly half a century after Delano, still identifies with the need to point out injustice and evoke compassion. Bringing this itinerant "message theatre" into the 21st century, Malán has built with Milagro the only nationally-touring bilingual troupe, consistently presenting issues of high relevance to Latinos and the US in an engaging and artistic format. She is also the mind behind our arts-infused workshops for students and adults, and is currently conducting the only bilingual arts integration case study for middle Schools in the nation at Evergreen MS in Hillsboro.

Together, these three guiding stars of Searching for Aztlán combine their matching and complementary talents to present and preserve important work exploring history and identity. It is not only the themes of the play that harken back, however. The production's style itself has tremendous significance, as it continues a tradition of compact sets and props that allows for very efficient communication, traveling light directly to the point.

Get your tickets and come along on this irreverent journey, playing at Milagro Jan. 8-17 before it goes on its national tour through November 2015!

¡Feliz cumpleaños, bellas damas!

Today we send out our warmest wishes to two of our own dearest ladies, celebrating their birthdays!

Firstly we're celebrating one of our dynamic founding directors, Dañel Malán, the tireless heart and mind behind our beloved educational and children's programming, and the lion tamer married to our other founding director and gran jefe, Jose Gonzalez. Although her actual birthday was yesterday, her celebration transcends dates, just like her work!
Another of the engines that allow Milagro to take flight year after year and show after show is our talented and fearless artistic director, Olga Sanchez! Although she has been the brains (and often brawn) of our artistic endeavors for the past 10 years, we are grateful today for the gift the world received when she was born, destined to lead Milagro!

¡Muchas felicidades a las dos!

Join us in wishing them a happy day and many returns!

♪♪♫ Estas son las mañanitas que cantaba el Rey David... ♪♫♪

Photo of the Day: Sunstone Montessori visits Milagro

Milagro was happy to receive a group of special young visitors today!

Members of the Sunstone Montessori School community took advantage of the docent-led visits to the ofrenda exhibit that Pepe Moscoso curated in El Zócalo, Milagro's community space.

Marketing Assistant Vicente Guzman-Orozco led Sunstone teacher Verónica Araneda and her 23-member group through the altars dedicated to the Angelitos, Latin American writers, José Guadalupe Posada, and William Shakespeare.

Overall seven classes totaling140 students visited the altars with their schools from Oct. 16 to Nov. 7, one of the many educational opportunities provided by Milagro.

Thank you for saying ¡Viva Milagro!

No one puts together a Day of the Dead Festival like Milagro, and no one throws a fiesta like we do, either!

We want to thank all our patrons and supporters for making ¡Viva Milagro! a resounding success!

With the delightful , holiday-inspired menu by Mayahuel Catering, the bubbling energy of Nurys Herrera as Mistress of Ceremonies, and the company of new and long-standing friends, our fundraising family-style dinner was full of the cheer and celebration that makes the season special. As a special feature, Joaquin Lopez, tireless performer and promoter of the Latino arts, received the Spirit of Milagro Award:

Fret not if you missed out on the fun at ¡Viva Milagro!, you have a year to plan to attend next year, and make sure not to miss the rest of our upcoming celebrations and events, like our yearly posada, coming to El Centro Milagro this December 14, 1-5pm. Mark your calendars, it's free!

El Talentoso Elenco de ¡O Romeo!

Enrique E. Andrade (Ricardo III), originario de la Ciudad de México, y egresado de la Universidad de Oregon. Enrique ha actuado en numerosas obras del teatro Milagro desde el 2008, incluyendo en el 2012 en Oedipus el Rey , ganadora de 6 Drammys y en Corrido Calavera.  Actuó en la obra de Astor Piazzolla María de Buenos Aires en el Festival de Música de Aspen en el 2005 y 2007, así como con “Third Angle Music Ensemble” y en el 2013 con la Filarmónica de Lexington, en Kentucky.  Actuaciones en Televisión de Enrique incluyen a las series de TNT “Leverage” temporada 4 como el Profesor Humberto García, así como en “GRIMM” de la NBC . Enrique es bien conocido por ser la voz del tren MAX en español, así como en varios comerciales de televisión / radio / Internet en Inglés y Español y también como un narrador de historias en Portland Story Theater y más recientemente como Judge Hathorne en The Crucible con Bag & Baggage en Hillsboro. Enrique le agradece a Milagro ser su hogar artístico, y al público que apoya el arte latino.

Arlena Barnes (Polonius) se presenta por primera vez en una produccion de Milagro. Ha actuado en Romeo y Julieta, You Can’t Take It with You, and Big Love (Portland Actors Conservatory) and For the Time Being (Claire Willett). Ha sido Narradora durante lecturas de Profile Theatre – Buena Vista (Desdemona Chiang) and Hungry (Adriana Baer). Arlena ha fungido como Director Asistente a Philip Cuomo para Dog Sees God (Portland Actors Conservatory). Tambien dirigió La Bonne Fille - un cortometraje en video/multimedia y Normal, un cortometraja en Gulf Island Film and Television School. Arlena es egresada del Programa en Multimedia de Portland Community College Multimedia Program y de Portland Actors Conservatory. Participa en el programa Directing 1 Summer Intensive de la Universidad de Yale. Arlena además recibió su doctorado en leyes de Harvard Law School y una maestría en administración pública de Harvard Kennedy School.

Danielle Chaves (Lady M) creció en el Noroeste y dedicó muchos años al estudio del canto y luego decidió seguir su pasión por el teatro. Despues de titularse en Bellas Artes por medio de Southern Oregon University, Danielle fue reclutada para actuar con Oregon Shakespeare Festival por dos temporadas en las que se presentó en obras como Ghost Light y Romeo y Julieta.  Danielle ha se ha ubicado ahora en su querido Noroeste para seguir su carrera y crear emotivas experiencias teatrales con el inmenso talento que Portland ofrece. Está emocionadísima por tener ¡O, Romeo! como su primera obra en Milagro. El mas profundo cariño para Laura, Elizabeth, Sofi, Marty, Sadie, y Finn.

Anthony Green (Shakespeare) se tituló en Artes Teatrales y recibió su maestría en Estudios Teatrales en Diseño y Producción de Southern Oregon University. Tony siempre disfruta volver a Milagro. Participó con Milagro en How The Garcia Girls Lost Their AccentBoomCrackleFly y la obra galardonada por los premios Drammy, Oedipus El Rey. Créditos recientes incluyen su interpretación de Enobarbus en Anthony and Cleopatra con Portland Actors Ensemble que impresionó a los críticos, y Albany en King Lear con NWCTC. Otros papeles en Portland incluyen Cardinal Pandolph en King John, Borachio y Friar Francis en Much Ado About Nothing, el Duque en Two Gentlemen of Verona, y Persuasion. Le gustaría dedicar su actuación a la memoria de sus abuelitos, Armando y Amalia.

Otniel Henig (Hamnet) esta is súper emocionado de hacer su debut con Milagro. Esta primavera pasada egresó del Portland Actors Conservatory donde interpretó el papel de Van en Dog Sees God dirigido by Philip Cuomo y The Student en Opus 3: After Strindberg, una obra original con Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble. Este verano hizo el papel de Menas en la producción de Portland Actors Ensemble, Antony and Cleopatra, dirigido por Elizabeth Huffman. Le gustaría dedicar esta obra a su fallecida abuela “Savta Dotti”.

Tara Hershberger (Titania) se ha presentado localmente con Portland Actor’s Ensemble, Original Practice Shakespeare, Fuse Theatre Ensemble, Masque Alfresco, y Broken Toy Piano. Es instructora con Northwest Children’s Theater, es parte del grupo musical Scarlet Straits, y estudia dramaturgia trabajando por su maestría en Artes Teatrales en PSU. Le encanta hacer nuevos descubrimientos en el escenario, y considera que el teatro es una fuerza poderosa en la consolidación de comunidades, expresion creativa y para efectuar cambio en la sociedad.

Heath Hyun Houghton (Hamlet) está contento de hacer su primera aparición en Milagro. Sus créditos de actuación recientes en Portland incluyen Hamlet con Anon It Moves; Enjoy, Maple and Vine con CoHo Productions; Aladdin and the Magic Lamp con Broadway Rose Theatre y Breaking the Silence con Diaspora.


Sofía May-Cuxim (Rifke) Una veterana del escenario desde 1974, Sofía ha cantado, actuado, bailado y escrito obras en muchos idiomas. Originaria de la Ciudad de México, donde se tituló en Literatura Dramática en la UNAM. Ha recibido premios en México y Los Angeles como actriz, productora y cantante. Empezó a aprender inglés a los 18 años y luego ruso. Con Milagro ha participado en ¡Viva Don Juan!, Ana en el trópico, Guapa, Ardiente Paciencia, Festival La Luna Nueva (2013 & 2014), y LAX (Latino Artist Exchange). También escribió Jardín de Sueños, producida por Milagro en 2012. Gracias, queridísima Olga. A los judíos expulsados y sus interminables esperanzas en "el Nuevo Mundo”.

Rebecca Ridenour (Ophelia) se siente orgullosa de aparecer en su primera obra con Milagro. Mas recientemente interpretó a Susan Brady en Playboy of the Western World en Artists Repertory Theatre. Anteriormente, hizo el papel de  Goneril en la producción de Bag and Baggage, Lear y Brutus en su version puramente femenina de Julius Caesar. En Portland Rebecca ha actuado con Quintessence Theatre Company, Northwest Classical Theatre Company, Sowelu y Post 5. Créditos de California incluyen Mairead en The Lieutenant of Inishmore con Genesis West y Woman en Bill W. and Doctor Bob con Happy Destiny Productions. Rebecca es egresada del Portland Actors Conservatory clase 2012, University California Santa Cruz y Santa Barbara City College. A continuación: Miss Foxhill en Suddenly Last Summer con Shaking the Tree.

Jake Wiest (Yorick) Como un fanático de Shakespeare de muchos años, Jake está encantado de hacer su debut en Milagro con ¡O Romeo!. Ha interpretado a Puck, Romeo, y Samson. Jake inició su educación en la actuación de Shakespeare en Idaho Theater For Youth cuando era aún un adolescente, Jake también se ha entrenado en la Universidad de Idaho y Voice One en San Francisco. Además es músico y actualmente participa con su banda de rock “Sci-Firish”, Garden Goat.

 ¡O Romeo! continúa del 16 de octubre al 9 de noviembre. ¡Compre sus entradas hoy!

The opening weekend of ¡O Romeo! was ¡fantástico!

The opening weekend of our Día de los Muertos production launched our festival with a bang! Delighted audiences raved about ¡O Romeo! and soon we started receiving love notes from happy patrons, such as this sweet message from D. Paquette:

Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the play on Friday night. The performance was great and we had lot of fun! There was an abundance of talent on stage…
With outstanding performances by some of Portland's favorite actors and the support of amazing designers, this show is winning over everyone who sees it, Shakespeare fan or not, and regardless of any prior exposure to Day of the Dead. A lively, funny and touching tribute to the legacy of the "Sweet Swan of Avon."

What else did members in attendance call our celebration of the Bard and los muertitos? Here's a brief sampling:
... delightful ...
... vibrant ...
... clever ...
... layered ...
... tender ...
... optimistic ...
and yes:
... a little silly.

Don't just take them at their word, come and see for yourself why R. Burkholder has this message for everyone:
A most tremendously touching, well-written and acted play. Don't miss it! miss it!
Buy your tickets today, and we'll see you at Milagro!

El estreno de ¡O Romeo¡ fue ¡fantástico!

El estreno este fin de semana pasado de nuestra producción iniciando nuestro festival del Día de los Muertos ¡fue todo un éxito! El público quedó encantado con ¡O Romeo!, y no tardaron en llegar las cartas de amor de los impresionados asistentes como esta dulce nota de D. Paquette:

Sólo quería decirles cuánto disfrutamos la obra este viernes. El espectáculo fue grandioso y nos divertimos mucho. Había toda una abundancia de talento en el escenario.

Con tremendas actuaciones de algunos de los actores mas populares en Portland, y con el apoyo de diseñadores estupendos, la obra está conquistando a quien la ve, ya sea fanático de Shakespeare o no, o sin siquiera saber mucho sobre el Día de los Muertos. Es un vibrante, cómico y conmovedor tributo al "Cisne de Avon."

¿Qué más dijo el publico asistente acerca de nuestra celebración del Bardo y los muertitos? A continuación unos ejemplos:

... deleitante ...
... vibrante ...
... ingeniosa  ...
... multidimensional ...
... tierna ...
... optimista ...

y sí, también:
... un poco disparatada ...
 No se quede con la duda y ¡venga a verla por Ud. mismo!

Compre sus entradas hoy, y ¡nos vemos en Milagro!

Day of the Dead: truly an international holiday

Día de los Muertos is truly an international holiday. Although Mexico's celebration is full of color and fun, the main concept of honoring deaths is seen throughout the world!

For the festivities in Guatemala, they make and consume Fiambre, a traditional salad that consists of their deceased loved one’s favorite foods. In the Philipines, the holiday is called Undas and it is treated more as a family reunion. In some European countries, this occasion is called All Saints Day and in countries like Italy, Spain, and Portugal, families travel to the cemeteries and graves of their loved ones with flowers in hand. 

However you and your family intend to celebrate Día de los Muertos, there truly is no shortage of traditions that are observed throughout the world. Whether you go fly a giant kite (Guatemala), take flowers to a loved one’s grave, or are just in the mood to celebrate, be sure to make Milagro Theatre part of this year’s celebration!

Opening night is here and what better way to celebrate than with a play that merges Shakespeare and Día de los Muertos at Milagro! Join Director Olga Sanchez, and the cast and crew as they delve into the unique mix of the eclectic heroines of Shakespeare and the vibrant style of Dia de los Muertos. As always, Milagro’s Day of the Dead celebration is full of irreverence, music and fun for all ages!

Get your tickets for the opening weekend by calling 503-236-7253 or just click here!

Get your tickets for the opening weekend by calling 503-236-7253 or just click here!

¡O Romeo!: Meet the cast

Milagro's 20th annual celebration of Día de los Muertos kicks off this week with the world premiere of ¡O Romeo!, and we are ecstatic about the outstanding cast director Olga Sanchez gathered. Read on to learn about this talented group who came together for our original Day of the Dead production, with the color, energy and authentic twists that only Milagro can bring you, and get your tickets today!

Enrique E. Andrade (Richard III) originally from Mexico City, is a graduate of the University of Oregon. Enrique has performed in numerous Milagro productions since 2008, including in 2012 Oedipus el Rey, and Ardiente Paciencia in 2014.   Enrique is also expanding his classical Shakespearean repertoire with Portland Actors Ensemble in Merchant of Venice in 2013 and Antony & Cleopatra in 2014.  He performed in Astor Piazzolla’s Maria de Buenos Aires at the Aspen Festival of Music in 2005 and 2007 as well as with 3rd Angle Music Ensemble, and in 2013 with the Lexington Philharmonic in Kentucky.  Enrique’s Television credits include TNT’s Leverage season 4 as Professor Humberto Garcia as well as NBC’s GRIMM. Enrique is well known for being the Spanish voice of the MAX, as well as various TV/radio/internet commercials in both English and Spanish and also as a story teller at Portland Story Theater, and most recently as Judge Hathorne in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible for Bag & Baggage in Hillsboro.  Enrique thanks Milagro for being his artistic home, and the audiences that support Latino Arts.          

Arlena Barnes (Polonius) is performing in her first production with Milagro. She has performed in Romeo and Juliet, You Can’t Take It with You, and Big Love (Portland Actors Conservatory) and For the Time Being (Claire Willett). She has been the Narrator for readings at Profile Theatre – Buena Vista (Desdemona Chiang) and Hungry (Adriana Baer). Arlena has been an Assistant Director to Philip Cuomo for Dog Sees God (Portland Actors Conservatory). She has also directed La Bonne Fille - a video/multimedia short and Normal - a short film at the Gulf Island Film and Television School. Arlena is a graduate of the Portland Community College Multimedia Program and the Portland Actors Conservatory. She is a participant in the Yale University Directing 1 Summer Intensive. Arlena also has a J.D. from Harvard Law School and a M.P.P. from Harvard Kennedy School.

Danielle Chaves (Lady M) Raised in the Northwest, Danielle spent many years studying voice and then decided to pursue her passion for theatre. After receiving a Bachelor in Fine Arts at Southern Oregon University, Danielle was asked to joined the acting company at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival for two seasons where she performed in shows such as Ghost Light and Romeo and Juliet.  Danielle has now relocated to her beloved Northwest to pursue her career and create moving theatrical experiences with the immense talent that Portland has to offer. She is thrilled for ¡O, Romeo! to be her first show at Milagro. Deepest love to Laura, Elizabeth, Sofi, Marty, Sadie, and Finn.

Anthony Green (Shakespeare) holds a BFA in Theatre Arts and a Master of Theatre Studies in Production and Design from Southern Oregon University. Tony always looks forward to returning to Milagro. He was previously seen at Milagro in How The Garcia Girls Lost Their Accent,  BoomCrackleFly and the Drammy Award winning Oedipus El Rey. Recent credits include his critically acclaimed role as Enobarbus in Anthony and Cleopatra with Portland Actors Ensemble and Albany in King Lear at NWCTC. Other Portland credits include Cardinal Pandolph in King John Borachio and Friar Francis in Much Ado About Nothing, the Duke in Two Gentlemen of Verona and Persuasion. He wants to dedicate this performace to the memory of his abuelitos Armando and Amalia.

Otniel Henig (Hamnet) is super excited to be making his Milagro debut. He graduated from Portland Actors Conservatory this spring where he played Van in Dog Sees God directed by Philip Cuomo and The Student in Opus 3: After Strindberg, a devised work with Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble. This summer he played Menas in Portland Actors Ensemble’s Antony and Cleopatra directed by Elizabeth Huffman. He’d like to dedicate this performance to his late grandmother “Savta Dotti”.

Tara Hershberger (Titania) has performed locally with Portland Actor’s Ensemble, Original Practice Shakespeare, Fuse Theatre Ensemble, Masque Alfresco, and Broken Toy Piano. She teaches at the Northwest Children’s Theater, plays in a local band, Scarlet Straits, and is studying playwriting in pursuit of a M.S. in Theatre Arts at PSU. She loves to make new discoveries on stage and believes that theatre is a powerful force for community-building, creative expression, and social change.

Heath Hyun Houghton (Hamlet) He is pleased to be making his first appearance at Milagro. Recent Portland stage credits include Hamlet with Anon It Moves; Enjoy, Maple and Vine at CoHo Productions; Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, Broadway Rose Theatre and Breaking the Silence, Diaspora.

Sofía May-Cuxim (Rifke) A veteran of the stage since 1974, Sofía has sung, acted, danced and written plays in many languages. She comes from Mexico City, where she studied a BA in Dramatic Literature at UNAM. She has received awards in Mexico and Los Angeles for acting, producing, and singing. She started learning English at 18, then Russian. At Milagro, she has participated in ¡Viva Don Juan!, Ana en el trópico, Guapa, Ardiente Paciencia, the 2012 and 2013 La Luna Nueva Festival, and LAX (Latino Artist Exchange). She also wrote 2012’s Jardín de Sueños.  Thank you, dearest Olga. To the expelled Jews who endlessly hoped in “The New World”.

Rebecca Ridenour (Ophelia) Is proud to be in her first show at Milagro. She was last seen as Susan Brady in Playboy of the Western World at Artists Repertory Theatre. Before that she played Goneril in Bag and Baggage’s production of Lear and Brutus in their all-female production of Julius Caesar. In Portland Rebecca has acted with Quintessence Theatre Company, Northwest Classical Theatre Company, Sowelu and Post 5. California credits include Mairead in The Lieutenant of Inishmore with Genesis West and Woman in Bill W. and Doctor Bob with Happy Destiny Productions. Rebecca is a graduate of Portland Actors Conservatory class of 2012, University California Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara City College. Next up: Miss Foxhill in Suddenly Last Summer with Shaking the Tree.

Jake Wiest (Yorick) As a longtime Shakespeare fan, Jake is delighted to make his debut at Milagro in ¡O Romeo!. He’s played Puck, Romeo, and Samson. Jake inicio su educación en la actuación de Shakespeare en Idaho Theater For Youth cuando era aún un adolescente, Jake también se ha entrenado en la Universidad de Idaho y Voice One en San Francisco. He is also a musical performer, and is currently active with his “Sci-Firish” rock band Garden Goat.

¡O Romeo! runs Oct. 16-Nov 9. Get your tickets today!