Everybody loves American Night!

Audiences and reviewers are loving American Night, and we know you will too!

"American Night has landed in Portland, appropriately at Milagro Theatre, the city’s center for Latino performance and culture, and it’s been worth the wait...A hard-to-resist charm bubbles along the shifting surface of this alt-history. Join this thing called America, it seems to urge Juan José. Just know what it is you’re joining."Oregon Arts Watch

“This is a strange and wonderful piece, taking us on a journey through our history” Dennis Sparks

 "Directed by Elizabeth Huffman (Oedipus el Rey), American Night’s dizzying character changes are handled with deftness and zeal by an impressive ensemble cast."The Portland Monthly

“American Night is an intriguingly optimistic play, one that takes the country’s toughest blows, gathers its counterbalancing stengths, and emerges stronger.” Oregon Arts Watch

“Hey Portland[er]s. Check out this riot of humor and galore at Milagro! They empty the entire prop room for this! Stellar”Jordan McCann

“This was an amazing show -- funny and profound at the same time. Love the Zinn's People's History references. The ensemble players are geniuses at assuming different characters (changing gender, ethnicity, age) within seconds! May you enjoy a fabulous run of this beautiful work of art!”Sherri Vacarella

“See this if you can. Really.” Susan McKee Reese

“Incredible, hilarious, absolutely crammed with historic and comedic references...not to be missed!” — Charles K. Johnson

Join us this weekend and experience this wild odyssey. There are only 8 performances left; the show must close on May 23rd! Get your tickets by calling 503-236-7253 or online!

Let's talk about the Eastside's future!

The Central Eastside is known for its unique mix of arts and industry, home to hundreds of artists and creative businesses. There are many discussions happening around the rapid growth and proposed changes to the neighborhood. Milagro (with facilitating help from former Metro chair Rex Burkholder) is leading and hosting conversations to ensure arts & culture as well as civic spaces are part of the future of our beloved neighborhood. How do art, culture and civic places figure into this future?

Join us on May 20th 5:30pm - 7:30pm, for the first of three conversations this summer, open to all interested in the future of the Central Eastside -- creative workers, social organizations, residents, government officials, businesses, and community leaders. The session will focus on preparing a statement outlining community concerns, in preparation for the May 26th Planning & Sustainability Commission meeting and the July 1st Portland City Council meeting.

Recently Marketing Assistant Vicente Guzman-Orozco had the opportunity to ask Mr. Burkholder some questions about the project:

Vicente Guzman-Orozco: Give us the elevator pitch for this endeavor:

Rex Burkholder: Big changes are coming to Portland and the Central Eastside is no exception with thousands of new residents and workers expected in the coming years. Home to many creative businesses and artists, the Central Eastside plays a critical role in Portland's economy and culture. As a 30-year cultural mainstay of the Central Eastside, Milagro Theater is bringing together business, government, neighbors and creatives to ask: what is the future of arts, culture and civic life in the Central Eastside? How can we make sure that artists and creative business continue to thrive here? What can be done to enhance the civic life of this area?

VGO: What do you see as the primary challenges and opportunities in this process?

RB: Change happens quickly, sometimes before we can respond effectively. The City and its citizens are investing lots of time and energy in rewriting the plan for the Central City but the needs arts and culture in the area are missing (the focus is on zoning and transportation). These gatherings are exciting because we have the opportunity to bring attention to the incredible value of arts and creative businesses to the area and the whole city as well as build alliances with business leaders and the people of Portland.

VGO: What would you like to see as a reaction from folks that may not be directly involved in the discussions?

RB: We know that people value arts and culture, and that they hunger for civic spaces like libraries, plazas and pedestrian zones where they can meet and participate in the life of the city. Our hope is that these conversations will translate those desires into support for policies and investments that will ensure that artists and creative workers will continue to have a place to do their work and that the residents and workers of the Central Eastside of the future will enjoy a livable, vibrant and enriched community.  

The CEID Community Engagement Series is hosted by Milagro and facilitated by Rex Burkholder with support from SE Uplift and the Office of Neighborhood Involvement. RSVP to 503-236-7253 or email Sarah for more information or if you'll be attending.

The man with the American dream: An interview with Ozvaldo Gonzalez

Actor Ozvaldo González returns to the Milagro stage in the title role of American Night: the Ballad of Juan José, in a performance that "underplays the character perfectly, so that you can empathize with him and identify with his plight" (Dennis Sparks).

With opening weekend under his belt, González had a moment to answer some questions from Marketing Assistant Vicente Guzman-Orozco about the play, his role and the production in general:

Vicente Guzman-Orozco: How would you describe the play and your role?

Ozvaldo González: The play is a fantastical journey through moments in American History that highlight some unsung heroes of our past and shed light on the insecurities many new Americans face when going through the process of becoming citizens in this country.  My role is that of an honest, good hearted human being who wants nothing more than to provide for his family in a way that keeps them safe and allows them to be contributors to society.

VGO: In which ways do you identify (or don't) with Juan José?

OG: As a first generation Mexican immigrant who helped his parents study for their citizenship tests during my teenage years, there is a lot about me that identifies with Juan Jose.  Many of the identity issues that he faces and his interest in living out the American dream only to find out reality is not exactly as the history books might indicate are experiences I can relate to very directly.  Even though I did not leave my family to make a life in Mexico, I know many people who have done this and their experience is very present in my mind.

VGO: What has been the most challenging part of this production?
OG: The role that Video, Sound, Lighting, and Costumes play in this production is large and impacted our rehearsal process greatly.  It is clear that with the increasing use of technology in theater productions, thinking of the technical components as part of the cast is an important step in harnessing the power of these 'characters' during the creative process.   A lot can be accomplished to enhance the audience experience using new technologies, but the way in which new technologies might impact the creative process need to be better understood.

VGO: What's the most rewarding part of working on the show for you?

OG: The talented people that surround me are an inspiration to me.  From the Playwright and Director, to the Cast and Technical Crew; everyone is dedicated to telling this important story in a way that shows its relevance to today and delivering it in an entertaining manner.

Don't miss this outrageous and irreverent roller coaster through US History. Get your tickets to American Night or volunteer to usher before the show closes on May 23!

Meet the artist behind the American Night poster: Sivonna West

American Night continues tonight and through May 23! As an added bonus, check out Garden of Nocturne, the one woman show by the artist who created the promotional artwork! Read on to learn more about this young talented woman, and check out her exhibit in our lobby, open to the public an hour before the performances and during intermission!

About the Artist:
Sivonna Ash West was named after a figment of her mother’s imagination. Born and raised in sunny southern California, her life as an artist is influenced by the youthful skate, surf and snow scene, combined with instinctual dark nods to the occult, the metaphysical and the supernatural.
She paints from her heart in hopes to mystify the viewer, while feeding her constant craving for the wild fantastic thing called beauty.

Sivonna earned a BFA in Illustration from Pacific Northwest College of Art in May 2011 and since has been residing and painting in Portland, Oregon. Showing at local galleries and cafes.

In 2014 she stayed at Studio P52, an artist residency in Barcelona, Spain and painted murals indoors and outdoors as well. Afterwards she traveled to Berlin, Germany to make art and was inspired to start her own line of painted velvet capes. Both the murals and the wearable art pieces are creative vehicles to bring more exposure to her artwork from outside viewers.

Ed. Note: Ms. West also created the artwork and backdrops for the touring productions Sueños de Fútbol and Searching for Aztlán on commission from Milagro.

Artist's Statement:
For "Garden of Nocturne", my solo exhibition at Milagro, I made a series of black velvet paintings stretched on wood panels. I was inspired by native Mexican flora and the colorful cactus gardens that flourish even in the driest of seasons. The dark shadows of the black velvet against the bright colored acrylic highlights create nocturnal scenes in an abstract land. The glowing eyes that peer from the depths of these scenes remind the viewer of other life forms traveling in the night; and give the feeling of paranoia that one might associate with psychedelic hallucinations.

Don't miss this exhibit with elements of shamanism, native ritual and, of course, dreamlike visions, free and open to the public during the run of American Night!

A very Milagro reason for remembering 5 de Mayo

While doing an informal survey of the office, we were brought back to an important moment in our own history. Originally, taking a cue from American Night, the show currently playing at Milagro, we were going to talk about how typically few people truly understand what the holiday meant and how it went from hometown pride (not even in Puebla) to corporate bonanza, but instead we encountered a much more personal reminiscence with great import.

Our outgoing (but not truly departing!) Artistic Director, Olga Sanchez, reminded us of a truly happy event to remember, and yes, to raise a toast to:

I first heard of Cinco de mayo when I was traveling in Mexico, visiting Mexico City and saw a Calle or Avenida cinco de mayo (there are a number of streets in el DF that are named after famous dates ~ something I’d never seen in the States.)

Because there were a number of these “date” named streets, I figured they were historical events, but I didn’t look into it much until I moved to Seattle and began working with Los Porteños writers group. We often did literary readings on Día de muertos, Valentine’s Day, and Cinco de mayo! One year, I produced an event called “Una noche de liberación”, for Cinco de mayo, an evening of very short one-act plays by the writers who wanted to explore dramatic structure and dialogue.

We worked with a great group of actors from Seattle Teatro Latino, and were hosted by the Empty Space Theatre with guidance from dramaturge Lenore Bensinger. We had a great weekend of performances at the Empty Space, and one of the writers, John Baca-Saavedra, recommended we bring it to Milagro on tour! I traveled to Portland, John introduced me to José, and José generously invited the whole show to Portland. 20 actors, directors, writers descended on Portland, and José, Dañel, board members and friends hosted us at their homes! It was a terrific introduction to the open spirit and hospitality of Milagro.

So it wasn’t the first time, but that show, Una noche de liberación, was a celebration of Cinco de mayo...

However you chose to spend the day, we hope you will join us for American Night and our upcoming 32nd season, and take part of the MIlagro story with Olga and the rest of us.

American Night is "exceptional!" - Review excerpts

The following highlights have been taken from the review Home is Where the Heart is on Dennis Sparks: All Things Performing Arts:

"This is a strange and wonderful piece, taking us on a journey through our history...

The story is told with nine actors playing a variety of roles, as well as a voice over by Adrienne Flagg, and they are quite amazing...

[T]he purpose of the play is not so much to answer questions for Juan but to have us ask questions of ourselves about the issues presented.

[Director Elizabeth] Huffman is absolutely amazing with what she can do with a small space, an epic story and a very talented array of actors... the set/lighting (Megan Wilkerson) and terrific video backdrops (Lawrence Siulagi) are a real plus to the production, keeping us apprised of where we are in time and space.  And the costumes (Sara Ludeman) are extraordinary, giving us a rapid-fire look and a huge array of characters.

The ensemble is exceptional, one of the best I’ve seen! And [Ozvaldo] Gonzalez stands out as the focal point. He underplays the character perfectly, so that you can empathize with him and identify with his plight. I’ve reviewed many of the actors in this show before and it’s to their credit that they have stretched themselves in roles that I haven’t seen them explore before.

An actor/theatre is, first and foremost, a storyteller, and all that is really needed is an author’s words, an actor/creator’s talent and an audience’s imagination.  All the rest, although perhaps, pleasant to look at, is just window-dressing. [Milagro] is one of the best at exploring those possibilities."

American Night: the Ballad of Juan José returns this Thursday May 7 at 7:30 and continues playing through May 23. Get tickets or sign up to usher today!

American Night: DREAM ON! a series of conversations

Join the FREE Conversations
inspired by Richard Montoya’s play 
American Night: The Ballad of Juan José  
 moderated by  Olga Sanchez, Milagro’s Artistic Director

• Saturday, May 2, after the show: History: Whose Story?
Pablo Picasso once said, “Art is a lie that tells the truth.”  In American Night, Juan José’s dream challenges everything he has read about U.S. history, to the point that he doesn’t know what to believe. This is more than just a playwright taking poetic license, the play’s revisionism illuminates how “history” is recorded and passed on as fact, in the same way that the school boards in Arizona remove books from the curriculum and edit history for thousands of students. Richard Montoya, author of American Night: The Ballad of Juan José, will lead the conversation on revisionism and art.  What inspired him to create this play? Are certain historical events more misrepresented than others? Is the artist responsible for setting the story straight?  Montoya will be joined by Prof. Margot Minardi, History and Humanities, Reed College and Dr. Rene Sanchez, Assistant Professor of Theology at the University of Portland

• Sunday, May 10, 4:00 p.m: Natural Selection
Juan José, a former police officer disillusioned by his inability to work with integrity in Mexico, leaves for the U.S. However, the more he learns about his new country, the more he questions whether he should pledge allegiance.  Why do people decide to become citizens? How challenging is the naturalization process? A significant number of eligible immigrants in the U.S. decide not to naturalize. What are their reasons? Panelists: Prof. Alejandro Santana, Philosophy, University of Portland; Alice Gates, Assistant Professor Department of Sociology & Social Work at University of Portland and Jess Guzmán, Legal Program Coordinator, CAUSA

• Sunday, May 17, 4:00 p.m: Perchance to Dream!
Juan José’s madcap vision, filled with images and personalities, inspires questions about the power of dreams. New ways of understanding the nature and significance of dreams have emerged that build upon (or contradict) the classic 20th century ideas of Freud and Jung.  How do these different perspectives compare and contrast? What are the prevailing scientific ideas about dream interpretation?  How are dreams influenced by our cultural heritage? Panelists: Carol Walnum, Certified Jungian Analyst  and  Satya Doyle Byock, Jungian Psychotherapist

Join us for the free series of conversations and don't miss your chance to see the amazing  the Portland premiere of American Night: the Ballad of Juan José,  at Milagro April 30 - May 23, 2015!

American Night: Meet the folks behind the scenes

Milagro's 32nd season is coming to a close with the wild odyssey through US history by the pen of Richard Montoya, a madcap romp titled American Night: the Ballad of Juan José! The production for this Portland premiere is helmed by the award-winning director of Oedipus El Rey, Elizabeth Huffman! 

Read on to meet her and the rest of the creative team, get ready to laugh and think with this sharp-witted take on the land of the free, and get your tickets today! (You can read about the cast here).

ELIZABETH HUFFMAN (Director)   returns to Milagro for the second time, having directed the Drammy award winning production of Oedipus El Rey. She most recently directed Mary Stuart for Northwest Classical Theater Company having directed two other productions: King John and The Lion in Winter.  Other Portland directing projects include Bon Ton Roulet at the Shakespeare Cafe for the Fertile Ground Festival at Post 5, Ladies Man for Clackamas Rep, November for Jane, A Theatre Collaborative, and Trojan Women and Oedipus the King for Classical Greek Theatre. She has been an Artistic Director for four classical theatre companies, and is currently developing her own production company, Chain Reaction Theatre. She also is an Equity actress (recently performed in Year of the Rooster at Fusion Theatre in New Mexico and also works as a professional costume designer (most recently for Jewish Theatre Collaborative’s production of Ministry of Special Cases).

MEGAN WILKERSON (Scenic and Lighting Designer) is an award winning scenic designer based in Portland. Her designs have been recognized by The Chicago Tribune, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Oregonian. This year her work has been produced professionally in Portland by Artists Repertory Theatre, Bag&Baggage, and Theatre Vertigo. Megan is a member of The Rivendell Theatre Ensemble in Chicago, The Resident Scenic Designer at Bag&Baggage Productions in Hillsboro, and a new Resident Artist at Artists Repertory Theatre here in Portland.  She holds an MFA in Design for Theatre from the University of Texas at Austin.

SARA LUDEMAN (Costume Designer) is excited to be making her debut with Milagro as the costumer for American Night. Born and raised in Portland Oregon, she graduated from Portland State with her BA in 2012. Since graduation Sara has work primarily with Profile theater where she trained under mentor and close friend Jessica Bobillot. Recent work includes Profiles Sam Shepard Festival of Ones Acts, True West and High School the Musical with Enlightened Theatrics in Salem Oregon. Sara also works for Profile as part of their education outreach program in the public schools. Outside of theater Sara is an outdoor enthusiast and can often be found hiking the trails of Mt. Hood.

SHARATH PATEL (Sound Designer) is excited to be back for his second design at Milagro. He grew up splitting his time between Appalachia and India while spending the following years studying across Europe and New England. Before finding a new home in Portland, he cut his teeth as a lead sound designer in New York City. Portland design highlights include Oedipus el Rey, (Milagro), Tribes, The Price (Artists Rep); Dead Man’s Cell Phone (Profile Theatre); The Piano Lesson (Portland Playhouse); Mary Stewart, Wait Until Dark (Northwest Classical).  Sharath holds a BFA from Ohio University and he earned his MFA in Sound Design from the Yale School of Drama.   He is currently a Resident Artist at Artists Repertory Theater.

HAL LOGAN (Music Director)is a composer, musician, music director, and sound designer in southeast Portland, where he operates Hal Logan Music, a music production studio.  His work has been heard at Milagro, Portland Center Stage, Artists’ Repertory, Vertigo, CoHo, Milagro, Stumptown, Oregon Children’s Theater, Northwest Classical, and Broadway Rose, among others.  He is the resident sound designer for Portland Actor’s Conservatory, and teaches Music Technology and Sound Design at the University of Portland.  

CLARA LIIS HILLIER (Choreographer) Making her debut working with Milagro, Clara-Liis is a graduate of Reed College. A proud new Bag&Baggage Resident Actor and company member at Northwest Classical Theatre Co (NWCTC),  she was last seen in The Six Gentlepersons of Verona (Valentine), and Miracle on 43rd Street (Felicity Fay Fitzpatrick) with Bag&Baggage, Wait Until Dark (Susan Hendrix) with NW Classical, The Tempest with Portland Shakespeare Project, King Lear (Cordelia) and The Lion in Winter  (Alais) directed by Elizabeth Huffman, both with NWCTC. Favorite roles: Julius Caesar  (Casca) with Bag&Baggage; The Seagull (Masha) NWCTC;  Othello (Bianca) NWCTC. Next up you can see her on the Venetian in Our Country’s Good.

ERIC LYNESS (Technical Director) Eric is pleased to return for a second season as Technical Director for Milagro and thrilled to be working with such a talented team of artists. In addition to serving as Technical Director. Eric works as a freelance designer, stage manager, and director in and around Portland. He is a member of the Third Rail Mentorship Company, and a membership candidate with AEA. He received his training at The University of Portland.

NICKI D'AMICO (Resident Property Mistress) is a native New Yorker who received a B.A. in Theatre from SUNY Purchase. Having worked in theaters around NY, CT and MA she now happily resides and designs in beautiful Portland.  Nicki is pleased to continue her collaboration with Milagro, on American Night: The Ballad of Juan José.

LAWRENCE SIULAGI (Video Projection) returns to Milagro following his sound design work in El Tesoro/The Treasure and Searching for Aztlán. As an actor, he recently played Alexas in Portland Actor’s Ensemble’s Antony & Cleopatra and Roberti in Portland Opera’s Tosca. He played a variety of roles including King Agamemnon in Iphigenia in Aulis, The Mikado, Pozzo in Waiting for Godot and Carlos Homenides in A Flea In Her Ear while pursuing a Theatre degree (directing emphasis) at San Diego State University.

MICHAEL DEMAIO (Stage Manager) hails from New York City where he participated in the B.F.A. programs at both Adelphi University and Mary Mount Manhattan College majoring in Theatre Arts. He has been a part of the Portland Oregon theatre community for over fifteen years working primarily as a production stage manager. Some of his more recent favorite productions include Young Frankenstein with The Lakewood Theatre Company and Avenue Q with triangle productions!

JULIE ROSEQUIST (Board operator) is proud to be back for her 5th season with Milagro. She has worked with several other local theatres as stage manager, props and costume designer and assistant stage manager. 

Don't miss your chance to see the amazing production this team has prepared for the Portland premiere of American Night: the Ballad of Juan José, playing at Milagro April 30 - May 23, 2015!

American Night: Meet the Cast!

Milagro's 32nd season is coming to a close with the wild odyssey through US history by the pen of Richard Montoya, a madcap romp titled American Night: the Ballad of Juan José!

The show features Ozzie González (Oedipus El Rey) in the title role, accompanied by an outstanding cast made up of Milagro favorites as well as newcomers. Read on to meet the cast, and get ready to laugh and think with this sharp-witted take on the land of the free, and get your tickets today!

ENRIQUE E. ANDRADE (Ensemble) originally from Mexico City, is a graduate of the University of Oregon. Enrique has performed in numerous Milagro productions since 2008.   Enrique is also expanding his classical Shakespearean repertoire with Portland Actors Ensemble in the role of Tubal/The Prince of Aragon in the Merchant of Venice in 2013 and as Mardian/Menecrates in Antony & Cleopatra in 2014.  He performed in Astor Piazzolla’s Maria de Buenos Aires at the Aspen Festival of Music in 2005 and 2007 as well as with 3rd Angle Music Ensemble, and in 2013 with the Lexington Philharmonic in Kentucky.  Enrique’s Television credits include TNT’s Leverage season 4 as Professor Humberto Garcia as well as NBC’s Grimm. Enrique is well known for being the Spanish voice of the MAX, as well as various TV/radio/internet commercials in both English and Spanish and also as a  story teller at Portland Story Theater, and most recently as Judge Hathorne in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible for Bag & Baggage in Hillsboro.  

ORION BRADSHAW (Ensemble/Dance & Fight Captain) Orion is so elated to be spending his 3rd spring in a row with Milagro! He also appeared in Learn To Be Latina, and Dance For A Dollar. He played Caucasian males in both those shows, but his character assignment in this show will keep you guessing, so stay tuned! Orion is a locally-based actor/ educator, as well as a proud company member of PDX’s Post5 Theatre (post5theatre.org). He has performed with many companies in town, and is a teacher with PlayWrite, Inc. (playwrighting), Maverick Mainstage (dance), and the Northwest & Oregon Children’s Theaters (acting). Enjoy the show, people of every background!

MICHELLE ESCOBAR (Ensemble) This is Michelle’s third show with Milagro after Guapa (2013) and Learn to be Latina last spring. Michelle also directed this season’s Posada Milagro last December. In 2012 she graduated from Amherst College and is an avid practitioner of Karate-Do.
Joe Gibson (Ensemble) is excited to be working with Milagro, Elizabeth, and this very talented cast. In the past year Joe has kept busy touring his solo show with Portland Playhouse, working with the Red Door Project on the August Wilson Monologue Competition, and of course acting. Some of his past projects include, NBC’s Grimm,  Masque of the Red Death, Phaedra’s Love, Macbeth, and The Lion in Winter.

OSVALDO “OZZIE” GONZÁLEZ (Juan José) has been a performing artist since he was in 10th grade.  His first role was Ebenezer Scrooge in a high school production of A Christmas Carol in Los Angeles and his love of performance has branched out into music and dance.  He was a Mariachi during his college years and most recently performed as Creon in the five-time Drammy-award winning production of Oedipus, El Rey.  He is a regular contributor to Portland Story Theater’s Valentine’s Show and makes occasional appearances as guest vocalist at local open mics.  When not on stage, Ozzie is designing buildings and supporting the community through his work as President of the Jardin Portland Foundation, Board member of the Regional Arts and Culture Council, and “Sustainability Moment” speaker at the Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs.  After serving a four year term as Miracle Theater Board Member, Ozzie is thrilled to be back on the Milagro stage.

ANTHONY GREEN (Ensemble) holds a BFA in Theatre Arts and a Master of Theatre Studies in Production and Design from Southern Oregon University. Tony takes pride in returning to the Milagro main stage for the fifth time. Most recently he was seen here playing Shakespeare in last fall’s ¡O  Romeo! Other credits at Milagro include, How The Garcia Girls Lost Their Accent, BoomCrackleFly and the Drammy Award winning Oedipus El Rey. This is also Tony’s fifth time working under the direction of Elizabeth Huffman and he thanks her for her continued trust in collaboration. Recent credits include his critically acclaimed role as Davison in Northwest Classical Theatre Company’s Mary Stuart and as Enobarbus in Anthony and Cleopatra with Portland Actors. Other Portland credits include Albany in King Lear at NWCTC, Cardinal Pandolph in King John Borachio and Friar Francis in Much Ado About Nothing, the Duke in Two Gentlemen of Verona and Persuasion. 

HEATH HYUN HOUGHTON (Ensemble) Previously seen at Milagro in ¡O Romeo!, he is proud to be making his second appearance with such a fantastic company. A founding company member with Anon It Moves (Hamlet) and Theatre Diaspora (The Dance and the Railroad, Breaking the Silence), he currently serves as program director for Well Arts Institute (Fixed, The Unexpected Guest, Fierce Love). Portland stage credits include Imago Theater (The Black Lizard), Oregon Children’s Theater (The Stinky Cheese Man), Portland Shakespeare Project (The Tamer Tamed), CoHo Productions (Enjoy, Maple and Vine). Upcoming Broadway Rose (Thoroughly Modern Millie).

GARLAND LYONS (Ensemble) American Night marks Garland’s first appearance with Milagro and he is proud to be sharing the stage with such a talented group.   He was last seen in CoHo/Many Hats Collaboration hit production The Snowstorm.  Additional recent credits include Bradley in Profile Theatre’s Buried Child, Tartuffe in Tartuffe with Post 5, and The Judge in Romance for Theatre Vertigo (Supporting Actor Drammy Award).  In addition, Garland has worked locally with Portland Center Stage, Artist Repertory, defunkt, NW Children’s Theatre, Lakewood, Stark Raving, Public Playhouse, Quintessence, Portland Actor’s Ensemble, and NW Classical among others. Favorite roles include Ernie in Rumors, Bottom in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Aaronow in Glengarry Glen Ross.  Film/TV credits include: Grimm, Portlandia, Leverage, Emeril, The Falls, Vicious and Restless. Garland holds degrees in Theatre and Psychology from the University of Washington.  
LOUANNE MOLDOVAN (Ensemble) is delighted to be part of la familia de Milagro.  She is the co-founder and Artistic Director of Cygnet Productions, a 20-year-old literature-based theatre company, for whom she has directed dozens of stage productions.  A longtime actor of film, television, stage, and improvisation, she is also a freelance casting director for feature films, commercials, music videos, and voiceovers, and is an accomplished playwright and screenwriter. She won the Oregon Book Award for Drama for co-authoring a play about the Algonquin Round Table writers. As an acting coach/teacher, she has worked with aspiring and professional talent and in creative programs for psychiatric patients and paroled teen girls.  

SHELLEY B SHELLEY (Ensemble) is humbled and excited by the opportunity to take the stage at Milagro!  A veteran stage and film actor, some of Shelley’s recent stage work includes Black Nativity (PassinArt), My Walk Has Never Been Average (August Wilson’s Red Door Project), For Colored Girls (Portland Center Stage/PassinArt), No Room of Her Own (Fertile Ground), and Slipped In Between Things (Well Arts Institute).  Her film work includes Mama Earth, The Music Within, and Grimm.  She can be seen in commercials for Dr. Pepper, Consumer Cellular, Courtesy Ford, and Legacy Health.  Shelley gives thanks to God for life, family and talent. 

Don't miss your chance to watch this amazing ensemble in the Portland premiere of American Night: the Ballad of Juan José, playing at Milagro April 30 - May 23, 2015!